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We learned of Angelique’s work from our birth doula, and had the very good fortune to begin working with her when our daughter, Kaia, was 7 months old. During our first meeting with Angelique, it was clear that we were meeting with a deeply gifted human being, experienced in practical ways through years of working with parents and children, and additionally through her extensive study of attachment, parenting and psychoneurobiology. After listening closely to our concerns, Angelique supported us in creating a gradual, yet structured approach to work with our daughter, Kaia, on night weaning, day napping and sleeping through the night. We wanted Kaia to be able to continue to sleep in our room (in her crib), and we were committed to designing a process that felt gentle and supportive for all of us. We did have some crying, yet not too much, and over a period of 3 months, Kaia learned how to soothe herself to sleep, stopped nursing at night, and became a solid day napper. Now at 15 months, we are preparing to transition Kaia to her own room and feel confident that we will be able to successfully navigate this next step.

We continue to consult with Angelique from time to time and trust that when we do we will receive skillful and wise feedback, rooted in deep respect, caring and support for our parenting. Oh, and one of the most important things to us is that Kaia smiles from ear to ear every time Angelique visits! ! .

- Karen and Malcolm Berg-Smith

We are first-time parents who called Angelique at our pediatrician’s suggestion. Our 6-week old son, we absolutely adore him, but we were at our wits end with sleep deprivation. He was waking up every hour at night, and was feeding that often. When we called Angelique, we were ready to use the cry-it-out method to sleep train our son. I am so happy that we didn’t do this. Angelique told us that babies 6 weeks old don’t even have that part of their brain developed yet to help them to self-soothe. And then she gave us a game plan for helping us all to get more sleep. She showed us how to swaddle him (we had stopped swaddling him as we thought that he didn’t like his swaddle) and she encouraged us to help him to learn the difference between day and night by doing a bedtime routine, and feed more often during the day. Finally, she showed us how to help him to successfully sleep in his crib without crying, just by starting to get him used to it, and encouraging him with our presence, and building him up to eventually being able to sleep there for the whole night. I feel like we have the best of both worlds. Angelique never told us that we couldn’t feed him or that we shouldn’t go to him at night. Rather, she respected our wishes to help him to gradually learn how to sleep on his own, with our help. I still feed him two times per night, and my husband has been able to give our son a bottle during one of those feeds if I am particularly tired. We are all getting more sleep, I am no longer feeling sleep deprived, and depressed, and feel more satisfied with my relationship with my son. Our deepest gratitude Angelique! .

- Racheal, Michael and baby Ben

I don't even know where to start as Angelique helps us so much with our son Caleb.  She initially came to get our nursery set up to better manage Caleb's reflux and while she was here for that she noticed him crying differently at the breast and thought we might have thrush.  She was absolutely right and thanks to her we got it diagnosed and taken care of early (it is life saving to have thrush taken care of early!).  She also guided us through sleep training and feeding scheduling-not an easy task for our stubborn boy- and helped find father son bonding activities.  She continues to be an incredibly smart, thoughtful and kind sounding board for our many baby questions.  She has helped us with everything from introducing solids to baby-proofing and she always makes us feel very secure about our decisions.  We feel extraordinarily lucky to have Angelique's expertise available to us through this first year of Caleb's life and we are quite sure we will be emailing her questions until he goes off to college.

- Christine and Phil Bronstein


I am recommending a truly gifted child development specialist who provides consultations and coaching on everything with kids - sleep, behavior, weaning...

She helped me, over the phone while I lived in AZ and she in CA, to get my very sleep challenged / challenging daughter (now 20 months) on a great routine. We had to do cry it out eventually, but at the same time she was doing no-cry with my friend who referred me to her. Later when challenges resurfaced she helped me find a completely different solution fitting for my daughter's stage of development. She also helped me wean my daughter, who actually finally weaned herself from her final regular feeding!!! I never imagined THAT could ever happen.

She's extremely knowledgeable, patient, supportive, practical and kind. She pays attention to what YOUR particular family needs and can adapt her approach as is appropriate to your situation - no cookie cutters in her tool kit. When we finally met face to face my normally shy little girl sat in her lap and hugged her...I know someone else had the title of the Baby Whisperer, but the moniker fits this woman as well..

- Ariel Coyote


We originally contacted Angelique to help us get our infant son to sleep at bedtime.  After months of severe sleep deprivation we were finally referred to Angelique.  After just one phone conversation with her we knew we found the answer to our prayers!  She was warm and encouraging and gave us hope that one day very soon our quality of life would be greatly improved.   During our very first in-home visit, our son went to bed and fell asleep hours earlier than he ever had!  She gently and lovingly guided us through a routine that was natural and comfortable for all. We were left encouraged and with confidence in not only our parenting skills but in the abilities of our little baby.  Angelique’s knowledge, expertise and encouragement paired with your own capabilities, intuition and discipline are a match made in parenting heaven.

- Jennifer, Parker and Chase Colvin


Angelique’s help has changed our lives!

With concise and logically presented information, she educated us about our options for sleeping with (or without) our 6 month old, then gave us the space to make the decision that felt right for us right now.  We were able to make our plans believing that we had a comprehensive understanding of our choices, of what we were choosing and why.  Because of this we have been able to stay committed to our path and we are all sleeping so much better!

Because of Angelique’s many years of experience in working with families in several different capacities, as well as her extensive training, we feel so confident in her approach.  She is also respectful, compassionate and appreciative of all the things we are doing right! 

We are looking forward to working with Angelique during other transitions in our family in the future.

Thank you Angelique!

- Sherry, Andrei, and Raine Hedstrom


As I was easily putting Eli down for bedtime tonight (dad is at a work dinner) I realized that there was a strong image that I had of you, and of our family. The image was of you on the side-lines saying "its OK guys you're there, Just take that step.”  When I picture it- Chris and I must look so silly - holding hands all nervous, slowly putting our foot over the edge...and then we take the step, pull off the blind folds, and jump up and down hugging each other - relieved that we did it and then look at what a small step it was and burst into laughter at ourselves. Oh, parenthood is CRAZY!!!!   
Thanks for getting us to the point where we only had to take a small step, and getting us over the edge.  I hope you get to laugh with us...this has to be some comedy for how timid we (and I am sure other parents) are.  Thanks!  You probably save marriages, and therapy sessions and all sorts of illnesses by teaching us what our babes need.  

You do great work in this world.
The Hatton's love ya!

- Tasha, Chris and Eli Hatton


Thank you SO much. The “talk” you recommended I have with her before she goes down for a nap – well, nothing short of amazing. I admit I was a skeptic that something like that would work (with a 4 month old!), but I was really shocked – it worked like a charm! You are the baby whisperer.

- Ann Jessen


In an arena with such a breadth of knowledge as the world of baby making and child rearing, one can feel very alone.  Because of Angelique, I have not felt alone.  Since I became pregnant, she has provided me with immense strength and support.  I have asked her questions about everything from different birthing strategies to issues with dairy allergies, to different sleeping strategies, to swaddling methods.  In all areas, her answers have been concise, knowledgeable, and provided with kindness, understanding, and a smile.  Never have I felt as if a question was too dumb or inappropriate.   As I sit here, my 6-week old daughter is napping alone in her crib and has been for over an hour.  This never would have been possible without Angelique’s help.

- Amy, Jonathon and Elyse Harris





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