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r. Angelique Millette provides parent coaching and consulting services to parents and children; families who are seeking assistance and support for communication, behavior, and care needs.

The Millette Method™

The Millette Method™ is a multi-disciplinary evidence-based approach to family sleep developed out of Dr. Millette's twenty-years of researching family sleep and assisting families with sleep challenges. The Millette Method™ does not follow one specific sleep method, but rather uses a tool-box of many different methods which can be modified to suit the child's history and sleep issue. The Millette Method™ takes into account family schedule, infant/toddler/child development, temperament, feeding method, and parenting philosophy, all while keeping an eye on sleep deprivation, parental overwhelm, and attachment.

The way that I work with families:

My work with families is based on the belief that helping parents to cultivate a strong and clear connection to their parenting intuition and wisdom will facilitate answers and parenting confidence long after we have completed our work together. Every parent has a well of strengths and resources, as well as unique challenges for handling, and adapting to the changing and dynamic relationship with their child, or children. I encourage parents to explore the key themes in their relationship with their child, while supporting parents with intervention, relevant education, infant and child development information, and resources.

Phone/Video (Skype) consultation package - $475  
  • 1 hour initial phone/video consult for assessment/sleep diary review and methods/locations handouts
  • Free e-mail consultation for 3 weeks following start of sleep changes
  • Free "Quick Calls” phone calls of 5 minutes originating from parents for 3 weeks following start of sleep changes

Home Visit Package$850
I will come into your home, and observe your family, review charts and assessments, observe sleeping/crib/bed arrangements, troubleshoot questions, and we will work together to build a plan for changing the challenge/issue.
  • 2 hours in families home
  • Assessment/sleep diary review, methods/locations and developmental handouts
  • Free e-mail for 3 weeks following start of sleep changes
  • Free "Quick Calls” phone calls of 5 minutes originating from parents for 3 weeks following start of sleep changes

Annual Unlimited$1550
I will come into your home, and observe your family, review charts and assessments, observe sleeping/crib/bed arrangements, troubleshoot questions, and we will work together to build a plan for changing the challenge/issue.
  • 2 hours home visit- includes assessment/sleep diary review, methods/locations and developmental handouts
  • Unlimited phone and e-mail for 12 months
  • Starts from date of home visit and ends 365 days later
  • Client places call to Angelique Millette

Home Visit Travel Fee$85

For any drive time greater than 30 minutes away from San Rafael, Marin County.

In-home Private Group Workshop - rates vary
  • Great for a small mother’s group/play group
  • Rates variable depending upon number of participants. Contact Angelique for rates and more information
  • Includes all follow up methods, locations, developmental handouts

Lectures / Workshops - rates vary
  • Please view our Events page to find out dates and rates (different for each location)
  • Requires pre-registration through websites for workshop locations

NEW! Archived Webinars$35
for 60 minutes long webinar


Archived topics are:
  • All About Naps (baby & toddler)
  • Early Morning Waking (baby/toddler/young child)
  • Dropping Night Feeds (baby & toddler)
  • All About Sleep Training (baby & toddler)
  • Fixing Sleep Regressions: Travel, Illness, Developmental Milestone, Teething (baby & toddler)
  • The No-Low Cry Sleep Method (baby 0-12mos)
  • Toddler Sleep Solutions
  • All About Room Sharing
Guidelines/handouts included with webinar recording.

Select a Webinar


 Package Add-ons
  • For continuing clients who have already had an initial intake
15 minute Phone/Video Consult $70
30 minute Phone/Video Consult $125
1 hour Phone/Video Consult
+ one Follow-up email
1 week unlimited email support $175


Customized Fee
Custom amount based on estimate provided
This is for:


A sliding scale is available for those experiencing financial hardship, and unable to afford services listed above.


  Reasons clients seek my services :
  • Fears and anxiety regarding childbirth
  • Traumatic or unexpected birth (parent and baby)
  • Fussy/colic/reflux/hi needs baby suggestions/interventions
  • Infant and child sleep challenges
  • Co-sleeping and transition to crib
  • Breastfeeding education and trouble-shooting
  • Weaning transitions
  • Bottle-feeding rejection and weaning
  • Introduction of solids
  • Feeling overwhelmed and anxious
  • Not feeling bonded to baby
  • Feeling angry towards baby
  • Feeling sad or confused about baby
  • Twins and triplets challenges
  • ”Whole-family” schedule, ritual and routine building
  • Balancing family and work
  • Parenting resources
  • Single parent support and resources
  • Lesbian and gay parenting challenges
  • Child development stages and ages
  • Toddler behavior challenges- biting, hitting, tantrums
  • Sibling rivalry, and new baby jealousy
  • Relationship and “transition-to-family” challenges
  • Pre-school and kindergarten challenges
  • Travel suggestions
  • Nanny and caregiver interview and hiring suggestions


In-home consultations consists of the following:

Initial Intake
Our first phone conversation provides a brief overview of the issue/challenge, and brief explanation of how I can specifically attenuate to your child’s issues/challenges.

Chart and assessment
I will provide you with a chart and assessment. I ask that parents chart at least 4-7 days of infant/child eating/sleeping/play/fussy periods. I will review the chart and assessment before we meet, and will address specific questions when we meet in-home.

In-home visit
I will meet you in your home. Home visits typically last approximately 2 hours, depending upon range of issues/challenges. Any questions related to the chart, and assessment will be reviewed at this time. Observations will be made, and a plan will be created. Families typically utilize 1-5 home visits, and many families have found that one home visit with several follow-up phone calls will suffice.

Free e-mail support (3 weeks)
Many families make use of e-mail support to trouble-shoot quick and simple questions and answers. If the question necessitates an in-depth answer, we will schedule a phone consultation.

"Quick Call" Phone Consults (3 weeks)
I encourage families to check-in with questions, with free "Quick Calls" lasting 5 minutes. Most questions are answered within 5-10 minutes. If a question necessitates longer phone time, we will schedule a longer phone conversation, lasting between 15-60 minutes (time is pro-rated by the minute).

Extensive Resources
Access to hundreds of free handouts and guidelines as needed including topics such as napping, and dropping naps, weaning, sample schedules for newborn to 5 years, solids intro, tantrums, fussing, whining, potty training, transition to toddler bed, travel, and nanny/daycare resources. Parents can request handouts as needed.


What Parents have to say:

I am writing to thank Angelique for our Walk & Talk today. I had been feeling unmotivated to get out of the house with my 6 week old baby, all of the reasons - wasn’t comfortable with using the car seat, couldn’t think of a place to walk that wasn’t slippery, and still hadn’t figured out how to use the sling and feed my baby out and about. All that changed today - thank you Angelique - not to mention, I was able to talk about all of the changes that our little guy has brought to our lives. I feel so much better, now that I got a little exercise in today, and found out that it isn’t so difficult feeding a baby in a sling while sitting on a tree log. My baby slept so well after the walk. I’ve already scheduled the next four weeks of Walk & Talk’s. Thank you, thank you! ”

 - Renee Jostin





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