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I have worked with families for almost 20 years as a midwife, infant and pregnancy massage therapist, birth and post-partum doula, childbirth educator, lactation educator, parent coach, and child and family therapist. My interest in working with families developed out of strong interest in women’s health, particularly in woman’s choices related to birth, pregnancy and postpartum, and the mental health of infants/children and parents during a major period of transition such as birth, and postpartum.  My studies are diverse in range including an internship at The Farm, with Farm midwife Ina May Gaskin, midwife apprenticeship at the Natural Birth and Women’s Center a home birth and birth-center choice for families in Los Angeles, California, a hi-risk pregnancy, pre-term infant, and postpartum depression advocate at Cedar’s Sinai, and St. John’s Hospital in Los Angeles, and a child and family therapist trainee. The emerging field of psychoneurobiology brought me to the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute to pursue my doctorate in Clinical Psychology, specializing in Pre and Perinatal Psychology, formulating a better understanding of pregnancy, and postpartum maternal adjustment disorders and the effects to the fetus, and infant’s developing brain. My research addresses the various sleep choices that mother’s make for their infants, and to what degree these infant sleep choices may be related to postpartum depression, or anxiety.

Meet our Associates!

Sarah Middelton
For the last two years, Sarah has trained with Angelique learning the essentials of Angelique's sleep methods and tools for helping parents of infants and children with sleep issues. Sarah is now available to work with families and you can meet her at Angelique's classes and lectures.


Meggan Hartman
Meggan has trained with Angelique for months and finds the Millette Method to be congruent with her personal beliefs and educational training. She believes that when a family is well rested the transformation into familyhood is more creative, supported, peaceful, and joyous.

Become an Associate!

Our Pediatric Sleep Consultant Training Program is offered to master-level sleep consultants.



My graduate studies have been the perfect fit for working with families. My consultation and coaching services meet the needs of families, especially parents of newborns and young children, as I work with parents to help them discover and nurture their innate parent speak, that inner voice that guides them through days and nights of being a parent.  My goal is to help parents to communicate their needs, as well as make sense of their infants, and children’s changing developmental needs. The concept of whole-family-inspired-schedule developed from this premise that having a baby, and becoming a parent was an opportunity for parents, with some insight and flexibility, to create a family routine/schedule.  Insomuch that parents are supported to articulate, and communicate their own needs, fears, strengths and weaknesses, they will be able to do the same for their infants, and children, thereby guiding, and developing this same self-awareness in their children.

Methods and Tools

I work with families throughout the Bay Area, and across the country. Parents who have worked with me have reported that my methods work, and that they were able to incorporate the methods quickly.  I am able to offer individual support, as well as interventions, and tools for helping to facilitate change with regards to challenging behavior. Parents report that the interventions and tools have also helped them to understand their infant, and children better, and could even be applied later on after we had completed our work together. Many parents say that it gave them another way to understand their motivations for doing what they do with their infants, and children, and it helped them to grow their self-awareness for trying possibilities they might not have otherwise tried with their infants or children. Parents challenged by postpartum depression, or anxiety report that they are better motivated to seek intervention as they become more knowledgeable of the shared relationship of symptoms with their child. Finally, parents who may have felt like they had no more options for infant’s or child’s challenging behavior such as separation anxiety, biting, tantrums, problems with eating, or breastfeeding, and sleep disturbances, are able to integrate my methods for quick, and confident resolution.

What parents have to say:

With more than 10 years of experience as a pediatrician, I thought I could sort through any behavioral/developmental "curve ball" that Max would throw us...Yet, when it came to the all important issue of his sleep pattern, involving Angelique was the best thing I could have done. Angelique was a tremendous help and inspiration. She has a sensitive, thoughtful approach and gave very practical advice. Angelique also made herself very available as support and coach during the time/nights that we were putting her advice into action.

Our little guy remains a good sleeper...and I thank Angelique for helping us to lay the ground work early.

- Uta Kerl, pediatrician at Pediatric Urgent Care, Marin, CA




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